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Should I throw my daughter a period party?

Period Parties are a celebration of menstruation! They help you throw shame to the curb and make your child feel educated, excited, and confident about their changing body.

Period Party

For most of history women have been shamed for their periods. Rather than celebrate the biological miracle that is menstruation, we are taught to shy away from the monthly act. We are taught to hide tampons in their sleeves, to silently suffer through the cramps, and to never talk about their monthly flow. But in recent years women have been taking the power back and starting to celebrate their monthly flow.

Why should I throw a Period Party?

While the thought of uterus cakes and piñatas filled with pads and tampons may sound daunting, Period Parties can be a fun, carefree way to introduce your child to this new phase of life. There is so much stigma and shame around periods that this can be an incredibly scary and uncertain time for young menstruators; Period Parties provide a space to remove the fear and replace it with celebration. It also provides a space for your newest menstruator to ask questions and learn more about their changing body.

With 40% of adolescents and teens struggling with eating disorders and one in five girls in the U.S. missing school because of their period, the need for education and normalization of periods is becoming increasingly important. The more we can empower young girls, the better chance we have of reducing these shocking statistics.

When did Period Parties start?

Many people believe Period Parties started in 2017 with this viral tweet and gained even more popularity when comedian Bert Kreischer threw his daughter a Period Party, but we believe that Period Parties actually started in our founder's childhood basement in 2007 when her mom threw her a Period Party. This party was equipped with homemade t-shirts, a uterus piñata, and a few period themed games that provided everyone a chance to ask questions and learn more about this exciting time in their lives. As our founder put it, "I strongly believe this period party is why I went into middle school and high school with confidence about myself and my body. "

What if my daughter doesn't want to celebrate?

If your daughter is nervous or doesn't enjoy being in the spotlight, we recommend hosting a more intimate party with just a close friend or two. This will help them feel more comfortable and help them get the most out of their party. You can also shift away from a party and instead go out to dinner or celebrate in a way that is right for your child. Ultimately, you want to make sure that she is in an environment where she feels loved, excited , and comfortable.

What should I do for my Period Party?

It can be hard to know where to start when planning a Period Party so that's why we created the Bloody Awesome Box, your one-stop-shop for Period Party planning. The box comes with everything you need to throw a Period Party that leaves her feeling educated about her body, excited about her period, and confident in her bloody awesome self. We also pulled together an awesome Period Party Playlist and some delicious Period Party Cocktail (and mocktail) recipes to try. Still have questions? Reach out to us at!


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