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The Period Talk Doesn't Have to Be Overwhelming

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Welcome to the "The Period Talk", an age-appropriate, fun, educational course where new and soon-to-be menstruators will learn about female anatomy, the menstrual cycle, and all things periods. 

We are teaming up with Carolyn Handke, MPH at Period Wellness to normalize, celebrate, and educate about menstruation! Menstrual health education is lacking and we believe education is power. When young girls and menstruators are not taught about their bodies it opens the door for the shame, fear, and insecurities that society places on them. And while many parents are having these conversations, it can be helpful to have someone there to facilitate them. That's where we come in!  

What we will cover

  • Getting to Know Your Body (anatomy)

  • The Menstrual Cycle

  • Cervical Mucus 101 

  • The Importance of Your Menstrual Cycle

  • How Periods Can Make Us Feel 

  • Period Product Overview

  • Q&A

This virtual course is for new and soon-to-be menstruators (8 - 12 y.o.) and their parents. The course includes:

  • Interactive, programmed content focused on anatomy, the menstrual cycle, and periods (~40 min.)

  • An opportunity to see and learn about different period products (~10 min.)

  • Space to anonymously ask questions and get answers (~10 min.)

  • A pdf of all materials after the course 

  • Tips for continuing the conversation in your own homes 

The next course is on March 5, 2023

Investment: $30 per household

Questions? Contact us 

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