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10 Fun Facts About Your Vagina

We believe that vaginas are just about the coolest things around. Don't believe us? Read on for 10 incredible fun facts about everyone's favorite body part.

1) It's actually your vulva

Many people think the vagina refers to your collective reproductive parts, but that is a myth! The vagina refers to the internal canal that connects your uterus to the outside world. While, the vulva refers to your external reproductive parts, the ones you can see.

2) They come in all shapes and sizes

Your labia majora (the outer lips around the opening of your vagina) comes in all shapes and sizes! They can be anywhere from a quarter inch to two inches wide and come in many different shades and colors! It's also common for your labia minora (the inner lips around the opening of your vagina) to extend past the majora. Each vagina is unique, just like you!

3) It's self cleaning

Vaginal discharge flushes out bacteria keeping you nice and clean! So there is no need for scented soaps and products, which can actually do more harm than good. All you need is some unscented soap and water to keep you clean down there.

4) Its smell fluctuates

The smell, just like the look, is unique to you and will fluctuate based on the time of your cycle, what you've eaten, and how hydrated you are.

5) You can't lose anything in there

Popular to contrary belief, the opening to your uterus is not big enough for you to lose a tampon or other item in your vagina. That said, you can get items like this stuck, but will always be able to get them out.

6) Your vagina is tilted

Ever notice that when you insert a tampon you aim it at your back? That's because your vagina is tilted at an 130 degree angle.

7) It is filled with healthy bacteria

There is a lot of healthy bacteria that make your vagina more acidic and keep the bad bacteria away. There is also mucus to keep your vagina moist and healthy. How cool is that?

8) Your pubic hair has a purpose

Your pubic hair acts as a protective barrier keeping potentially harmful bacteria and viruses out.

9) Babies come out of them

We know this is obvious, but seriously how cool is that?!

10) People are scared of the word

Even with all of the awesomeness that is the vagina (and the vulva) people are still scared to say the word! A UK Study found that 66% of young participants are embarrassed to say the word vagina. We find this to be just crazy since the vagina is SO cool and truly deserves more credit than it gets.


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