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Period Party
Period Party
Period Party

Periods are bloody awesome and getting your first period should be something to celebrate. We make it possible for your child to replace embarrassment and fear with a Bloody Awesome celebration.

Bloody Awesome Period Party Box
Bloody Awesome Box

Everything you need to throw a first Period Party 

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Bloody Awesome Bingo

  • Help your child learn about their body while also having some fun!

  • Period Bingo highlights and defines words related to puberty and periods in a fun, educational way

  • When you are done playing, your child can keep the cards for reference in the future

Pin the Pad (on the vulva)

  • Help your child get comfortable with their body and period products! 

  • To play, hang up the Pin the Pad poster

  • Decorate a pad with your name

  • Get blind folded, spin around, and pin that pad!

how this works

1. Order your Bloody Awesome Box when your child gets their first period or in preparation for their first period

2. When you are ready to celebrate, break out your Bloody Awesome Box and throw the ultimate Period Party

3. Tell us about your party by tagging on Instagram and using #bloodyawesome

Bloody Awesome Apparel

Celebrate menstruation and being Bloody Awesome!

bloody awesome shirt

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