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Advice to My Middle School Self

Let's be honest, Middle School is tough. From acne to braces to changing bodies and friendships, it can be an incredibly challenging environment to navigate. So I am going to impart some wisdom on you that I wish I had known during that chapter of my life.

Remember You Are Not Alone

It is so easy to feel like you are alone, but there are people going through the same thing as you so ask them for help, share your struggles, and work through things together. Female friendships are so important and while society loves to pit women against each other, your fellow females are your allies and will be crucial to navigating these crazy times.

Love Your Changing Body

I was one of the first people in my class to get boobs and this bodily change brought about a lot of stress. From boys harassing me on the playground to teachers telling me to cover up, this change made me feel anything but good about myself. Looking back I wish someone would have told me how amazing this change, along with the all the others like gaining weight and growing hair, was. It is so important to feel connected to your body and confident in yourself because you (and your body) are amazing!

Get Comfortable With Your Changing Body

Go grab a hand mirror and take a look down there! This is your body and there is no shame in spending some time getting to know it.

Be Kind to Yourself

It can be really easy to get down on yourself, but you are doing amazing! Try to focus on your strengths and all of the great things you can do instead of all the negatives. If you are struggling with this, I recommend keeping a journal and writing down all of the good you do in a day.

Stay strong, ladies, you got this! And remember if middle school me can survive (see picture below for reference) then so can you!

Advice to my middle school self

-Caitlin McGuire, Bloody Awesome's Founder & CEO


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