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  • What is a Period Party?
    Period Parties are a time to celebrate those who bleed! They are oftentimes thrown when someone first gets their period and provide a safe space for them to learn, laugh, and celebrate that menstruation is bloody awesome.
  • When should I purchase my Bloody Awesome Box?
    You can either purchase your Bloody Awesome Box when they get their period or in preparation for their period. Everything is non-perishable so this can sit on your shelf for days, months, or even years.
  • How many guests should I have at my Period Party?
    Less is more. Period Parties are a time for celebration, but they are also a time for her to ask questions and get personal about her changing body. In order to create an environment where she feels safe and comfortable, we recommend inviting a few close friends to her Period Party.
  • I have been getting my period for years can I still have a Period Party?
    YES! We encourage anyone and everyone who bleeds to throw a Period Party and celebrate their Bloody Awesome selves!
  • My child got their period a few months (or years) ago, can I still throw them a Period Party?"
    Yes! They are never too old for a Period Party and there is never a bad time for you and them to share this special moment.
  • I'm a Dad, can I throw my daughter a Period Party?"
    Of course! We love our Bloody Awesome Dads out there who are providing space to celebrate their child. Not only can you thow a Period Party, but you should throw a Period Party!
  • Where should I host my Period Party?
    Wherever your heart desires. We have seen Period Parties in houses, apartments, hotels, parks, and more. It is also common to host the main events at a home and then head to a restaurant for dinner and more celebration. This is your party and you can do with it what you please!
  • How long should my Period Party be?
    Period Parties can ocurr at any time of the day so you should do what works best for you and your guests! If you are able though, we recommend you make your Period Party a sleepover. Everyone is about to learn a lot and a sleepover gives them the chance to have late night talks and debriefs on all of this new information.
  • Do you accept returns?
    We are not currently accepting returns at this time. That said, if your product is defective please reach out to us at

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